TDX - Travel API Aggregation Hub

Integrating multiple Supplier APIs can be a nightmare

If you are an OTA, a consolidator, a TMC or a DMC, you may be looking to integrate multiple suppliers in order to provide your clients with diverse content and best possible rates.

However, with so many suppliers out there, each with their own schema and interface, integrating each one of them individually can cost a huge amount of time, effort and money.

We have a solution that makes it a piece of cake!

Travel API Aggregation Platform

TravelCarma TDX is a cloud-based integration and aggregation platform that allows travel organizations to integrate multiple supplier APIs and consume the same through a unified API.

With TDX, you can easily aggregate and distribute live content from ‘n’ number of suppliers using a single API, allowing you to save a phenomenal amount of time and money.

TDX integrates with all types of third-party systems, including

  • GDSs (Global Distribution Systems)
  • LCCs
  • Consolidators
  • Bedbanks
  • Channel Managers
  • Car Rental and Transfers Providers
  • Bus Operators
  • Sightseeing and Excursions Providers
  • DMCs
  • Payment Gateways
Travel Unified API Platform

We have ready connections for over 80 suppliers and 130+ LCCs from across the globe. We keep adding new connectors, and if the suppliers you wish to add are not on the list, just let us know. We will be happy to integrate them for you or your team can even build the integration themselves using our SDK. All you need is a commercial API agreement with the suppliers you wish to integrate in order to activate live feeds.

API Supplier

Benefits of TDX

Supports Diverse Content

Travel Unified API Platform - Diverse Content

With TDX, you can integrate multiple products – flights, hotels, sightseeing, tours, car rentals, transfers, rail, bus, cruise and many more! With a single search request to TDX, you will get aggregated feeds from all the suppliers you’ve activated, on a real-time basis. What’s more, we even have a payment gateway API with which you can add/change your payments provider without changing your application integration code

Travel Unified API Platform - Adapters

Build your own Adapters

TDX is the first of its kind solution that allows you the customer to build your own connections to your preferred suppliers using our SDK. Thus, you and your own technical team can maintain and change suppliers on your own

Reduced Development Cost

Travel Unified API Platform - Reduce Cost

The cost of developing and maintaining several connections can be huge. By providing you with a unified API, TDX drastically cuts down that cost for you. It also eliminates the costs you’ll incur in the event of any schema changes in supplier API

Travel Unified API Platform - Shorter time to market

Shorter Time to Market

With TDX you won’t have to spend months integrating multiple suppliers in your application. You will need to implement just a single integration to go live with all your supplier feeds in days, rather than months. It will also make it quicker to add new connections in the future

Ease of Distribution

Travel Unified API Platform - Distribution

TDX comes with a channel distribution option. Along with a pricing rules engine and a revenue management solution you can finely control your pricing to each individual sales channel. And a unified API makes it far easier for you to integrate and distribute your aggregated inventory to resellers, as they also need to deal with just one integration. The aggregated output can be in any format and can be consumed by both web and mobile applications. This will open up multiple sales channels for you, manage your costs and sales pricing and transform into a global supplier relatively quickly

Travel Unified API Platform - Flexibility

Flexibility through Data Transformation

In case you have an existing booking solution in place and plan to replace your aggregation and distribution platform it can be done easily with any disruptions to your application. TDX has the ability to transform and present data in any schema. This means we can provide you with an output schema that mimics the structure and schema used by your booking engine. So, you can integrate any suppliers you want, regardless of their schema/version, without making changes to your booking platform code

Can Handle Large Traffic Volumes

Travel Unified API Platform - traffic volumes

TDX has been designed for the cloud and uses the latest cloud serverless technologies thus providing you scalability on the go. It scales as your traffic increases and scales down in off peak hours thus saving costs. It’s currently hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which provides scalability and high performance even during peak periods. Bandwidth can be easily adjusted depending on the expected traffic volume and in-depth traffic analytics are available for monitoring. The solution can also be hosted on any other cloud or private cloud if required

Travel Unified API Platform - Mapped hotel inventory

Mapped Hotel Inventory

Integrating multiple hotel suppliers translates into inventory duplication, which hampers the user experience. TDX has hotel mapping built-in which ensures that you get unique and accurate information for available properties

Superior Feed and Revenue Management

Travel Unified API Platform - feed management

With TDX you can easily turn on/turn off feeds whenever you want. You can switch off the feeds where your supplier deposit balance is low, order to optimize the use of your deposit and make more money. You can also control airlines in the feeds and even switch to different suppliers automatically for different destinations or nationality, minimizing your effort and optimizing your sales

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