Hajj and Umrah Booking Solution

Hajj and Umrah is expected to be a $150 billion+ market by 2022. TravelCarma helps Umrah operators and agencies capture this booming market through an end-to-end Umrah Booking solution that covers everything from reservations, e-visa application, CRM, itineraries to accounting.

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Hajj Umrah Booking System

TravelCarma Hajj & Umrah Booking Solution (HUBS) is among the world’s first solutions to provide real-time connectivity with the Maqam GDS (Also built by TravelCarma), allowing External Agencies, Umrah Operators and Mutamers to book packages as well as individual flights, hotels and ground transportation via authorized OTAs.

  • 25000+ B2B Agents on the platform
  • 20000+ Bookings a month
  • $15M+ business generated through the platform


Hajj and Umrah Booking Solution Overview

Top Features

  • Live bookings for flights, hotels, and ground transportation
  • Available for both B2C and B2B
  • Real-time Connectivity with Maqam GDS and e-visa system
  • Automatic generation of BRNs using the GDS
  • Connectivity with MoHU authorized suppliers like Agoda, Naqaba, Eumra, Tawaf, Bab al Umrah and Taqabul Yahaj
  • Bulk booking of hotel rooms for large groups
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing website and IT infrastructure
  • Visa module for online visa application
  • Creation of custom itineraries and packages with multiple departures
  • Shopping Cart module to book multiple Umrah products together
  • Booking Management and notifications for various channels
  • Mobile-friendly portals with complete content management
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B2C Portal

B2B Portal

Mid and Back Office

  • Mutamers can book customized packages with their preferred flights, hotels and ground services options
  • The system also gives them the flexibility to book individual products from the system
  • They can either book a single product, or add multiple products to a shopping cart and book them together depending on the availability
  • Allows pilgrims to check the applicable visa fee based on which the customer can make the payment and apply for the e-visa

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