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Build and scale your travel business at the speed of thought

Top IT Challenges facing Travel Corporations

  • Siloed

    You're not able to access critical business data when you need it, as it's hidden in business silos

  • Integrating disparate

    You're struggling to quickly integrate your cloud-applications with your on-premise legacy systems and databases

  • Slow

    You're not able to build new solutions fast enough to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape

  • Hardware

    You’re not able to scale flexibly and manage fluctuations in demand without manually provisioning and configuring servers

Introducing TraviPaaS

Travel iPaaS

A flexible, scalable and modular Travel specific iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)
designed for large travel companies with multiple systems and a high traffic volume. TraviPaaS delivers seamless cross-platform integration & end-to-end workflow automation

How iPaaS can Benefit Your Business

  • Seamless Cross platform Integrations
  • Demand-driven Scalability
  • Quick and Easy Access to Mission critical Data
  • Workflow Automation
  • Faster Speed to market
  • Cost & Resource Optimization

Ideal for Large Travel Enterprises

  • OTAs
  • Multi-brand Hotel Chains
  • Wholesalers/Aggregators
  • Airlines
  • Travel Management Companies
  • Bus/Car Rental Corporations

Platform Overview

TravelCarma iPaaS Platform

Key Features

  • Microservices based architecture providing interoperability among applications & platforms
  • Ready-to-use travel modules and workflows for reservations, back-office, business rules, inventory management and much more
  • You can use certain components as is but also build your own and integrate with our platform
  • Flexibility to increase server power for a particular time period (eg. When running a massive campaign or during the peak season)
  • Your policies can also be customized and hosted on AWS which can be pushed into our Travel iPaaS
  • Seamless integration with your third-party systems for CRM, Accounting, ERP, Expense Management etc.
  • Flexible pricing - Pay as per your traffic and storage
  • Fully cloud based - Hosted on AWS
  • Also integrates with your existing legacy systems and local databases
  • Customizable workflows engine to match client specifications
  • APIs and SDKs for your developers to build custom front ends
  • Ability to build your own adaptors and connectors, in any language
  • Real-time monitoring and health checks for high volume traffic
  • Centralized Traffic Management

Leverage the Cloud

TraviPaaS is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) – the world’s leading cloud services platform used by some of the biggest names in travel & hospitality including Expedia, Hilton, Air Asia, Qantas, Airbnb and Tui

  • Fully secure cloud infrastructure
  • Pay-per-use: You only pay for the computing power and storage you use
  • Auto-scaling and Elastic Load Balancing for scalability and high performance
  • Interoperability with other cloud platforms

TraviPaaS Brochure

TraviPaaS Brocher

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