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Destination Management System for
DMOs and Tourism Boards

DMO Landscape Today

DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) or Tourism Boards play a pivotal role in promoting tourism and attracting more visitors into specific regions. They have thousands of members affiliated with them, such as tours/activity operators, hotels, and ground transportation providers etc, each looking for newer and more cost-efficient channels of distribution to maximize their profitability.

Also, agents & travelers are getting tech-savvy and increasingly using the internet to research and promote destinations, and DMOs need to stay up-to-date with these technology trends to stay at the forefront of destination marketing.

Boost your Tourism Revenue with TravelCarma DMS

TravelCarma helps DMOs get higher returns on their marketing efforts through a sophisticated channel marketing and online distribution solution.

Using our platform, DMOs can significantly enhance the value they provide to their members and offer them tools that would help them drive more revenue.

Destination Portal with Online Bookings

Micro Sites

Co-branded Member Portals

Inventory Management

Back Office & Reporting

We will add a multi-product booking engine into the DMOs existing website. This will allow visitors and agents across the world to search and book travel products on the DMO website, driving considerable revenue for the destination.

We can also provide them a brand new destination portal if required, along with a CMS for easy content management where DMOs can showcase popular locations, top experiences, hot deals, upcoming events, featured hotels in the region and much more.

Solution Overview

Online Booking Solution for DMOs and Tourism Boards

Benefits for DMOs

  • Higher Engagement
    and Traffic

    This solution will help DMOs generate more engagement and provide a single interface for travelers and agents to plan and book trips for a particular destination. All our websites are mobile friendly, providing a seamless planning and booking experience to your customers across all devices.

  • Improved

    Having micro-sites with dynamic, bookable content will have a positive impact on the SEO for the DMO and improve rankings for destination specific searches

  • Additional Revenue
    through Members

    Since the DMO will be helping members get more exposure and revenue through their own private label websites, they can charge a transaction fee and/or a fixed subscription from the members on the bookings made through those portals.

  • Increased Member

    Helping members generate more traffic and bookings will foster greater loyalty among the members and inspire them to work harder to promote their respective destinations. It will also help DMOs expand its member base by attracting more businesses to join in.

  • A fully hosted and managed
    technology infrastructure

    TravelCarma will host the entire solution on its secure cloud server and provide complete technical support so the DMO won’t have to worry about the technology part and they can focus on promoting the destination

Benefits for Members

  • Enhanced

    The ability to showcase and sell their products on the DMO website (which attracts a high volume of visitors) would provide enhanced branding and exposure.

  • Higher

    Through their own private label websites for both web and mobile, members would also be able to showcase their products to their customers and offer them the facility to book online with instant confirmation.

  • Easier Inventory

    With the inventory system the members would be able to manage their entire inventory and rates on a single platform.

  • Faster quoting and

    Slow agent response leads to lost opportunities and our solution will ensure this won’t happen. Your agents would be able to package products, create quotes & make bookings using live rates in minutes to help them convert customer interest while it’s alive.

  • Business Intelligence
    and Accounting

    The members will be able to access in-depth reports to track their bookings, commissions owed to the DMO, payments receivable from customers etc.

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