Host Agency Solution

This is a first-of-its kind solution designed especially for host agencies, helping them tap into their agent network to drive higher revenue, enhance agent loyalty and streamline their operations through the use of cutting-edge travel technology systems.

For Host Agencies working with thousands of sub-agents/affiliates spread across a region, managing their inventory distribution across such a large network and optimizing revenue from affiliates poses a huge challenge

Let us ask you some quick questions

  • Do you have inventory contracts from multiple suppliers and find it challenging to consolidate them?
  • Do you have trouble working out exactly much you need to receive from suppliers and how much you need to pay your affiliates every month, quarter or a year?
  • Are you worried that your affiliates are not generating enough booking revenue?
  • Are your affiliates asking for their own co-branded portals?
  • Do you want to increase loyalty among your affiliates?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, we have a great solution for you.

Introducing Symbion

Host Agency

Symbion is the ultimate distribution and affiliate management solution for Host agencies, providing hosts a powerful technology platform to maximize inventory distribution and boost revenue through their affiliate network.

How it works

Host Agency Workflow

Let’s see how much revenue a host agency can make through this model. Let’s assume you have 5000 affiliates working with you. Let’s also assume we charge each affiliate a minimum of say, $100/month for the benefits we provide, and offer you $30/month out of that

  • If 1000 of these affiliates sign up, you would earn a monthly revenue of $30 x 1000, or $30,000
  • If 2000 of these affiliates sign up, you would earn a monthly revenue of $60,000
  • If 4000 of these affiliates sign up, you would earn a monthly revenue of $120,000
  • If all 5000 affiliates sign up, you would earn monthly revenue of $150,000, or $1.8 million annually!

So the more affiliates sign up, the more revenue your host agency can earn!

Benefits for Hosts

  • Higher bookings and revenue
  • Access to a robust travel technology platform with managed hosting
  • Hosts can recoup their initial investment through affiliate revenue
  • Greater agent loyalty
  • No need to worry about technology
  • Easy signup and subscription process
  • Greater control on sales and revenues
  • Reduces accounting and commission distribution efforts

Affiliate challenges addressed by our solution

  • Inability to contract with suppliers for content
  • Tough competition
    from OTAs
  • Lack of proper online booking and marketing tools

With this solution, you can improve not only the engagement among existing affiliates,
but also attract new members and expand your network.

Benefits for your Affiliates

  • They get a great looking travel website with their own branding and a full featured
    e-commerce engine in just a few clicks
  • They also get built-in tools to manage bookings and customers at no extra cost
  • They can sell a wide range of travel products under one roof to their clients without getting into the financial and operational hassles of contracting with suppliers
  • The solution would increase their efficiency and also loyalty & engagement among their end users
  • An online presence would help them reach a wider audience and generate more bookings which would ultimately benefit the host agency
  • They get full control over pricing and promotions through our built-in revenue management tools

Benefits of our Technology Platform for Hosts

Sales & Distribution


Back Office and Reporting

Contracted Inventory Management

  • Real-time connectivity with 80+ XML API suppliers of air, hotels, activities and cars
  • Aggregation of content from multiple third-party suppliers along with your direct contracts into a single distribution API
  • Multi-currency IBEs for flights, hotels, vacations, activities, ground transportation and cruise
  • A host of unique features such as shopping cart, book-now-pay-later, deep linking for featured products, promotions on search results page and more
  • Multi-lingual portals to capture booking across diverse markets and rank higher on search engines for queries originating in target regions
  • Cross-sell module to maximize revenue
  • Multiple Payment Gateway integration
  • Ability to distribute your inventory across multiple channels, including B2B, call center, co-branded affiliate portals(B2B2C), Third-party IBEs, White Labels and Mobile apps
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