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Itinerary & Quote Builder

Preparing quotations is one of the most time-consuming areas for a travel agency. TravelCarma Itinerary and Quotation Builder is a powerful productivity tool that delivers massive time and cost savings to travel firms by allowing them to generate branded itineraries and quotes in minutes!

One of its truly unique features is the ability to utilize both live inventories from third-party suppliers as well as the agency’s paper rates for building quotes.


  • Ability to select multiple inventory items from the database and build customized itineraries on behalf of customers
  • You can save the itinerary with its validity & book at a later date with real-time rates and availability checks
  • Build quotes with the desired products and send them to multiple customers via email
  • You can copy, merge, save and reuse quotes which saves a phenomenal amount of time
  • Itineraries and Quotes will carry your own branding and personalized look-and-feel
  • Once the customers approves you can book all the items in the quote in a single transaction
  • Reduces operational cost as your staff doesn’t have to juggle between multiple sites and spreadsheets
  • Provides flexibility to build itineraries & quotes with both live and offline inventory

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