Activity/Excursion CRS

Activity / Sightseeing / Excursions CRS is a multi-tenant inventory management system with extranet that allows activity operators to load all their offerings in a centralized database along with its rates, availability, schedules and policies along with capacity in each schedule.

They can create their tours individually and they can create rates and availability schedule for each tour along with separate policies for each tour.


  • Ability to have multilevel access – Administrator and Member Users
  • Allows multiple tour operator inventory management using single login access
  • Ability to provide consolidated output from all tour operators as an API using enterprise distribution management system
  • Ability to create unlimited Activity/Excursion offers under individual tour operator access
  • Ability to define inclusions, exclusions, general terms and conditions for each tour separately
  • Policies setup (Payment policy, Cancellation policy, Tax policy) at general tour operator as well as for individual tour offers
  • Multiple season as well as schedule based rate setup
  • Traveler type wise rate setup (Adult, child, infant) / Per unit based rate setup
  • Ability to upload unlimited photos for each tour
  • Ability to upload tour brochure in PDF format

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