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B2B Travel Booking System

TravelCarma B2B travel booking system allows your sub-agents to book your inventory and lets you manage all your agents from a single interface. Two of its most unique features are the ability to create multiple levels of downline agents and also the flexibility to provide agents at each level fully-fledged online booking portals with their own branding and pricing.

Our B2B travel portal for travel agents is an ideal platform for wholesalers, tour operators, host agencies and other B2B travel companies that work with hundreds and thousands of agents across multiple geographies. It eliminates the administrative hassles of managing their B2B network and enables them to expand their presence into different markets cost effectively.


  • Ability to set up sub-agents and their details
  • Single booking interface for all your downline B2B agents
  • Agents and employees can create quotations with live as well as offline fares and make the bookings on behalf of the customers
  • Ability to define agent credit limits
  • Ability to classify agents and assign unique markups to each agent class
  • Customizable Email templates for various types of B2B communications
  • Ability to set up ā€˜nā€™ number of sub-agents and provide logins to each of them
  • Detailed MIS reports to help you track the performance of your agents
  • Fully-fledged co-branded booking portals for the end users of your agents (B2B2C)
  • Your B2B agents can send personalized emails and issue vouchers with their own branding, unlike a white label
  • Facility for downline agents to apply real-time markups on their B2C bookings
  • Agent wise online balance recharge facility
  • Agents can create agents under them, manage their markups and provide them with their own B2C portals
  • Ability to configure the inventory and information accessible to agents

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