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TDX - Travel Content Aggregation Platform

Travel Data Xchange Switch

Travel Data Exchange Switch (TDX) is a fully scalable and configurable travel content aggregation platform that provides travel organizations the ability to aggregate and distribute content from multiple suppliers/data sources through a single API.

It also allows organizations to seamlessly integrate with third party non-travel and in-house legacy systems like CRM systems, accounting systems, loyalty programs and E-wallets by bringing them into a standard format. This helps companies preserve their IT investments and scale their operations with minimal customization.

Travel Content Aggregation Platform



Sell aggregated content on your B2B/B2C platforms or distribute it to your agents or resellers via a unified API that they can integrate into their own booking engines


Aggregate inventory from multiple third party suppliers along with your direct contracts of Air, hotels, activities and ground transportation into a single API


Expose your inventory as OTA compliant Web Services to clients based in any part of the world in a cost effective and secure manner and reach a wider audience


The OTA standard web services enables firms to tie-up with any partner globally without making any change in their existing system


It includes an admin system with the ability to configure advanced business rules and filters, making it easier for you to control who gets what, when and at what price


It is completely web services-based and platform agnostic, so it can be connect to diverse data sources and both web and mobile platforms


For OTAs and Web portals, it separates the tasks of content management/aggregation and UX/UI into two layers, allowing for easier development and maintenance


It does not restrict your resellers to using white labels - they can use APIs and operate as fully-fledged online travel businesses


It can be used by web/mobile applications to consume content data via a unified API thus reducing the development and aggregations efforts


Provides a services infrastructure for an organization or an application to form a powerful XML web services based communications backbone

Our Travel Data Xchange Switch is an ideal solution for Wholesalers, OTAs and Travel Corporations managing a large B2C/B2B business, allowing them to become global travel suppliers relatively quickly and efficiently.

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