Enterprise Inventory Management and Distribution Platform


TravelCarma E-IMDP is an Enterprise Inventory Distribution platform that provides Tour Operators, DMCs and Travel Trade Associations the ability to manage and distribute contracted inventories across multiple online channels.


  • Managing contracts
  • Distribution management
  • Management of markups and pricing for each channel
  • Monitoring reservations and cancellations

At its heart is a powerful Channel Management and Distribution engine that allows the aggregation of all the content from different suppliers of individual travel products such as hotels, sightseeing and ground transportation that can be consumed by OTAs via a unified API.

E-IMDP can pull and push contracted inventory data into OTAs


  • Central Reservation Systems

    Through our multi-tenant Inventory Systems for Hotel, Transport/Transfer, Catering, Ground Services and Sightseeing, DMCs can allow suppliers to upload and manage their inventory and access in-depth MIS Reports.

  • Real-time Distribution Engine

    The Engine is connected to each CRS for managing different distribution channels like OTA’s and/or external agents. This allows the CRS stakeholders to setup and control their distribution to different sales channels with advanced business rules.

  • Data Exchange

    The switch provides Associations and DMCs a secure gateway through which authorized OTAs across the globe can access inventories of all the service providers affiliated with them via a Unified API. It also allows them to seamlessly integrate third-party and legacy systems.


Key Benefits

  • Centralized Contract Management

    Streamline your API consumers and allocation blocks along with rate management for each distribution channel

  • Insightful Log Management

    Manage all your request and response logs. This will provide you a base for having big data analysis and making marketing and contracting decisions

  • Simplified Administration

    Centralized admin access for controlling Inventory Supplier and API consumer access and management

  • Unified Connectivity

    Combined unified API output which allows consumer to integrate single API allowing distribution of all offline inventory providers

Central Reservation Systems

The CRS is essentially an inventory management system, providing rates and availability for many different channels such as the GDS, 3rd party websites and brand websites etc. Among other functionalities, the CRS allows operators to control rates and availabilities in the distribution channels.

Hotel CRS

Activity/Excursion CRS

Transfers CRS

The Hotel CRS is a complete web-based solution developed for seamless online reservation, communication for Online Hotel booking business. It allows the CRS/Property owner to manage their business from a single interface. The Hoteliers can configure their business and manage their complete inventory in the CRS.


Property Description & Room Allocation
  • Defining property, room types, property amenities, room amenities etc.
  • Upload photos of the property, rooms and amenities
  • Configure room types and room allocation for selling online
Rate Management
  • Periodic rate configuration for different seasons, events, festivals etc.
  • Rates can be defined specific to the nationality of your customer
  • Enterprise CRS for Hotels along with rate management using rate code
Promotion/Offer Management
  • Set up promotion/ offers for a specific period with exception criteria
  • Criteria includes % off, fixed discounts, free nights and value added promotions
Policy Management
  • Set up different policies by providing their respective details and apply different parameters
  • Policies include payment policies, cancellation policies, tax policy, child policy, property policies with terms & conditions
Role Management
  • User can easily manage various details for their hotel property
  • Create users at operational levels who have rights to manage their own as well as their subordinate user’s hotel inventory
Reports & Dashboards
  • CRS displays a Dashboard, which shows the current status of business in graphical way
  • User can view various transaction dynamic details on the Dashboard with specific filters based on customized transactional criteria’s
  • Business Reports includes business details report, revenue reports, product wise revenue reports, billing reports, daily arrival reports, reservation details reports, and cancellation reports, billing details reports, inventory reports, business rate reports and nationality rate reports etc.
Other Features
  • Stop Sell: Set generic stop sell dates and promotional blackout dates for an inventory to make it unavailable for online booking
  • Notifications that are sent automatically in the event of booking, room allocation selling out, cancellation etc.
  • Integrated Google Map to set longitude and latitude for the location
  • Ability to book large number of rooms of one hotel through API in single request
  • Connector – integration with interface of Enterprise Distribution Platform
  • CRS will provide volume based net rates per transaction along with rate code based pricing and discounting.
  • Meta Data publishing through Lookup API or download via FTP on request

Case studies

A large technology company in Italy

A large car rental association in New Zealand

A large DMC in the Caribbean

Client Overview
  • The client is a major technology company in Italy in travel industry
  • They provide cloud based and fully customized solutions for the B2B and B2C tour operators and travel agencies
  • They have acquired significant skills and experience over time not only in the area of software dedicated to tourism but also as a Web Agency.
Client Requirements
  • They wanted to get a consolidated API for different travel products (flights hotels, activity, car rentals, transfers) each with multiple online and contracted suppliers.
  • They also wanted to build consolidated API's for services like payment services and insurance services
  • They would build the front ends while we take care of the engine
  • They approached us for our expertise in API Management and our expertise in ESB and API design
  • They needed a user interface through which it could manage the subscription and feed distributions.
How TravelCarma Helped
  • TravelCarma helped the client integrate multiple suppliers and services API's into a single API
  • TravelCarma provides its engine and the technology and they build front ends for their client
  • They only have to deal with single set of XML schema to attach it to their booking engine
  • TravelCarma also guided the client in understanding and building a front end platform wherein they can host multiple client systems on a cloud-based system
  • Additionally we provided them with outbound API's to distribute the aggregated feeds to multiple OTAs

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