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Cobalt - Corporate Self Booking Tool

TravelCarma Travel API Management Software

TravelCarma's corporate solution allows TMCs to provide their customers with an online self booking tool for their travel needs. It is an end-to-end solution covering all the stages of corporate bookings, right from the employee making a request for travel and getting it authorized by the Travel Desk to the actual booking and managing of itineraries.

It brings in efficiency and helps both the agency and the corporate working with the agency to reduce costs in terms of time and money.

TravelCarma Corporate Solution is designed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This makes it modular in nature so it is truly scalable and can also easily be modified as per client's specific requirements. If the client needs additional or new functionalities the same can be easily accommodated. At the same time the solution is flexible to enable changes in the UI too as per the needs and requirement of the customer.

We provide a single group level booking management and call center platform for managing bookings for Down-line corporates, Sub-agents and B2C customers. This is over and above individual portal and agency/corporate level booking management platforms. This has the following benefits:

  • Ease of training people
  • Reduced code and software maintenance as it's a single application
  • Ease of self generating group level reporting
  • Central database for booking and customers allows for big data analysis for greater cost savings and revenue management
  • Lower cost of operations

Solution Benefits

Corporate Setup
Corporate Setup
Employee Policy Management
Employee Policy Management
  • Our corporate tool is policy and role-based whereby the corporate administrator can create different corporate employees and give them rights of booking as well as set specific limits in terms of allowed price for a Travel component or the category of travel products (Like Star Rated Hotel or Carrier Class while traveling)
  • The corporate administrator can provide rights to employees based on which system would decide which information should be visible to a corporate traveler and whether they have rights to make bookings with specified price
  • Our system's architecture makes it easy for TMCs to integrate third-party systems like SAP or Salesforce into the platform and also provides the ability to integrate existing legacy solutions to the platform
  • This separation of presentation layer and the engine makes the UX highly customizable and reduces time to deployment. It also makes solution flexible to build new UI using presentation services
  • A unified central administrative system allows for centralized control and management of different aspects of the business reduces training efforts and minimizes code maintenance
  • Creation of multiple portals (B2C, B2B or Corporate) on the same backbone using the central admin console. This allows detailed data analysis across business lines and to fine tune revenues at the global or agency/portal level


Employee Travel Request Form
Employee Travel Request Form
Trip Budget Approval
Trip Budget Approval
Flight Search
Flight Search
Travel Desk Dashboard
Travel Desk Dashboard
Employee Dashboard
Employee Dashboard
Booking Management
Booking Management
  • B2B Hotel, Flight, Car Rental XML driven Booking management solution for Corporate Clients
    • Corporate setup including setup of travel policies in addition to other parameters
    • Corporate employee setup and application of travel policies to employee grades and individual employees
    • Booking management system right from the travel authorization to budget approvals to Invoicing and management of itineraries on behalf of the employee
    • Self-booking tool for employees allowing them to manage their own travel booking in accordance to applicable policies
    • Pricing and markup to corporates based on their spend, loyalty and volumes amongst other parameters
    • Corporate portals
    • White label booking engines
    • Complete co-branded portal along with the setup and management software
  • Call Centre Module for the travel desk and the TMC call center employees
  • Revenue management module for complex setup of markups and commissions and allow for various exceptions including location, airline, hotel chain, nationality etc. It allows for calculation and optimization of revenues
  • Cache management system for managing data caches for quick response.
  • Agency Management Module
    • Managing agents, providing them with white label booking solutions
    • Pricing and commissions management
    • Revenue management
    • Co-branded portal management module allows TMCs to provide agents with their own portals including website and CMS but with the TMC's content
  • Back office for Managing Corporate (Back-office System), their Employees and the agencies
  • Accounting module for account receivable and payables
  • Reporting Module
  • Integration solution
  • Other Modules
    • Portal Management module for managing different portals
    • Central booking management module for managing bookings for multiple portals through a single interface
    • Quotation management module for managing of quotations, creating super PNR's
    • Package builder for building completely configurable packages from online inventory
    • Shopping cart module for booking of multiple products together
    • Hotel Level Mapping of Inventory Across All XML Suppliers
    • Facebook Booking Portal
    • Facebook/Google Single sign-on module

Corporate Booking Workflow

Corporate Booking Workflow

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