The TravelCarma Advantage

Our goal is to save you time and money and boost your profitability. We aim to offer every facility and convenience expected by your customers today and provide them a memorable online experience, so that they keep coming back to you and your business continues to grow.

What makes TravelCarma different from other Travel Technology Companies

Our Experience, Expertise and Knowledge

  • Domain Expertise

    We have worked with travel and hospitality companies of all types and sizes over a span of over 20 years and we understand the pain points and challenges different travel businesses face in different areas of the business.

  • Supplier Integration Expertise

    We have integrated 80+ global API suppliers and have strong relationships with suppliers globally, so we can help you if you need assistance in dealing with any of the suppliers, pre or post integration.

  • Global Brand with a Local Touch

    Our system is used by 150+ clients across more than 50 countries. We understand diverse cultures, customs and ways of doing business. This is reflected in our software, which supports multiple languages and currencies.

Robust Technology Architecture

  • Strong Channel Management Capabilities

    Our unique middleware engine allows large travel businesses to aggregate data from multiple channels into a single API which they use to distribute inventory and content to their sub-agents and channel partners.

  • Flexibility to Scale

    Our solution is scalable, allowing you to upgrade to API services for other businesses such as Transfers, Sightseeing/Day tours, Car Rental suppliers but without any new interface development as our unified API interface is driven completely by the request structure.

  • Integrates with your Existing Technology

    Our platform is built on the services architecture and can seamlessly connect to your existing accounting, customer and CRM systems etc, thus preserving your investments into third-party systems.

Superlative Customer Experience

  • Attractive Mobile Responsive Portals

    TravelCarma portals are optimized for mobile devices so your customers will get a rich experience across all devices. This is key in today's mobile world, where a large number of people like to book travel on their smartphones and tablets.

  • Dynamic Packaging Flexibility

    Your customers can create their own packages by adding different flight, hotel and vehicle combinations and share those options with you via email. You can then discuss their created trips with you, and you can go ahead and book the trip for them.

  • Payment Flexibility

    Our Book-now-pay-later allows you to hold bookings for your customers (within the cancellation period) and collect the payment from them later. This feature combines the convenience of online and the flexibility of offline.

Increased Productivity

  • Massive Time and Cost savings

    Our system automates routine administrative tasks, reduce your manpower cost and minimize your turnaround time, which will keep your customers happy and increase your efficiency.

  • Fast Package and Quote creation

    Our trip planner and quotation builder modules allow you to build trips for your customers and create and store price quotes for them in minutes.

  • Resource Optimization

    The administrative time and cost you'll save through our system would free up your resources and allow you to invest them into more important areas of your business.

Better Revenue management

  • Customer class-wise pricing

    You can create different customer classes in the system, assign a class to every registered customer, and apply promotional/special rates in the system based on the customer class.

  • Agent class-wise pricing

    You can configure different markups as well as exceptions for different downline agents, depending on their performance. You can also set location wise and destination wise markups.

  • Superior Feed Management

    If you offer promotions on the feeds, you can switch off the feeds where the balance is less, in order to optimize the use of your deposit and make more money. You can also control airlines in the feeds and even switch to different suppliers automatically for different destinations, minimizing your effort and optimizing your sales.

Error Free Accounting & Reconciliation

  • Supplier Management

    Easily manage accounting including reconciliation with suppliers, through supplier and product wise drill down ledgers.

  • Customer Management

    Customer invoice tallying, payments against invoice, cancellations, refunds, last minute booking and payment.

  • Peace of Mind

    All your manual tasks are handled by the system and you can access business data and reports from anywhere and on any device, making your life very easy.

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