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DXchange is an OTA (OpenTravelTM Alliance) compliant XML web services based Data Exchange Middleware Server. It is fully scalable and easily configurable. It provides travel organizations/Web Portals the ability to bundle XML requests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consume XML or any form of online data from suppliers.

For suppliers, DXchange enables them to expose their Inventory System / CRS as OTA compliant Web Services in a cost effective and secure manner giving them a wider reach. Additionally, it can support other standards with minimal customization.

DXchange is available in three versions: Lite, Professional and Enterprise. It is platform independent and can connect to heterogeneous systems. It is hosted at the customer's site and is sold as an annual license fees model, instead of transaction based fees / commissions model. DXchange is available on .net and Java platforms.

A powerful web-based Business Rules Engine can be integrated with DXchange at all levels, with an easy to use web interface. This provides an organization with:

  • The ability to monitor and control the flow of data to their system
  • The flexibility to make changes to the business rules to adapt to the travel industry's ever-changing business requirements without any change to the code
  • Customization can be provided to allow their work with familiar interface to suit their requirements

Salient Features of DXchange

  • Customizable, Modular and Scalable Service Oriented Architecture
  • Compatibility with Industry standard XML Specifications
  • Fully web services driven, platform agnostic - connects to diverse platforms and data sources
  • Enables usage of existing legacy applications
  • Optional Accounting and Billing modules
  • Secured access layer to multiple systems, components and data sources
  • Tools for building adaptors and connectors
  • Faster and better ROI
  • Integrated 24x7 web services based Error Capturing and Response System
  • Dynamic control on data flowing through ESB
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Built-in Business Rules Engine

Benefits to Organizations / Applications

  • Provide data on demand in Industry standard formats giving a wider market reach
  • Map and translate the data into a common reference schema in industry standard formats within its connector component making it easier to understand and use
  • Access and aggregate (assimilate) information from different sources (intranet and extranet) in real-time using its aggregation component
  • Dynamically alter rules to quickly respond to ever-changing business requirements using the business rules engine component with its WEB UI
  • Reduce redundant data and logic duplications
  • Utilize data flowing within DXchange for analytics and trends
  • Extremely scalable cost effective long term IT infrastructure
  • Utilize existing systems data and logic for creating new applications as services without the need for exposing or understanding the underlying logic

Implementation Scenarios

DXchange helps travel portals to tie-up with any supplier globally, without making any changes in their application. The web portal will communicate with DXchange in the form of single request-response. DXchange in turn will distribute the requests to all the suppliers and takes the responses in any either OTA web services, customer designed web services or even HTTP or FTP. DXchange can consume all of those and aggregate them in a single response for customer making it easy for their applications to connect. Built-in aggregation engine and single request-response architecture makes the solution extremely flexible and scalable. Addition of new supplier is very easy by adding new connector.

Travel Vendors (Hotels, Airlines, Car-Rentals, Cruises, Excursions, Restaurants)

DXchange enables suppliers to expose their Data / System in the form of OTA compliant web services. Authorized partners can directly use these data online. The bookings and payments are done directly in supplier's database. Thus, it helps them to expand their business without any risk. Also, OTA standards web services enable them to tie-up with any partner globally without making any change in their existing system.

Travel Aggregators

For Aggregators, DXchange can talk in both the directions, viz. the supplier side and the consumer side. DXchange consumes data in any format from the suppliers and can expose the same to the consumers. Built-in capability to enable pass-through wherein consumers can connect to the suppliers via DXchange without any manual intervention thus giving them a transparent but online connectivity to suppliers.

OTA Gateway to existing web services interface

If you already have an XML web services interface to your Inventory system / CRS, our solution would provide you an OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) standards based gateway to your existing web services system. This would allow web portals and distributors access to you inventory online. Through this gateway your new partners can consume your data using OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) compliant web services. Moreover, the current partners can continue consuming your data in your own format or they can also opt to connect you via OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) interface. This can be implemented with no code changes on your end and with minimal guidance. So you can have two gateways to your systems thus allowing you to scale your business.

We are contributing member of OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) schemas and have implemented OTA standards in our solution.

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