TravelCarma Partner Program

There is Phenomenal Growth in Online Travel Today. Online Travel Sales are expected to cross $800 billion by 2020 and will account for 60% of Bookings. It is predicted that the Travel Technology Sector will be a $12 billion/year industry by 2019. Looking at this trend, Tourism companies worldwide are looking to invest in Travel Technology to capture this growth and stay ahead of the curve in this ever changing industry.

We are seeking strategic partners to profitably distribute our award-winning travel tech solutions in different geographies. With the right partners, we are confident that together we will be able to exploit this enormous opportunity!

We offer flexible partnership opportunities as per your interest, reach, influence in your local markets. It is an extremely rewarding program which promises great returns to every partner associated with TravelCarma.

Who is it for?

  • Established IT Companies looking to expand their technology offerings and service new inquiries as well as existing clients in the tourism vertical
  • Digital Marketing Agencies who want to offer bundled travel e-commerce solutions along with their own website/mobile app development and integrated marketing services
  • Technology Consultants acting as intermediaries between travel companies and tech vendors to help their clients access the right technology solutions for their needs and budget

How it works

Partner Benefits

By partnering with us, established IT companies and digital marketing agencies can leverage our 20+ years of experience in the travel technology domain, and offer their clients a world-class travel e-commerce solution in addition to their own products and services.

You can combine your local experience, credentials and services with our enterprise software to offer your customers an integrated solution for all their needs under one roof!

This is will not only help you keep your existing clients happier but also help you win new clients in what is one of the fastest growing industries. We will provide you a handsome share in the revenue generated from each sale you make, plus a number of other benefits highlighted below.

  • Great Commissions

    Earn a Commission on every sale you make & Bonus Payments for Sales of Strategically important Services
  • Value Added Services

    Earn additional revenue by selling your own value added services & local support with our solutions. This can be huge in case of enterprise deals
  • Knowledge & Training

    In-depth industry and system training to equip you with all the knowledge necessary to maximize sales
  • Ready to Sell Solutions

    No need to build solutions from scratch. Just sell our existing solutions to your clients and minimize time-to-market
  • Dedicated Support

    Pre-sales and post-sales technical support to help you overcome any difficulties you might face servicing clients
  • Tools and Resources

    We will provide all the necessary Sales and Marketing material to help you close more deals
  • Have expertise in travel website development? Great! You can focus on building awesome looking websites for your clients and we can provide the booking engine and back-office.
  • Have a great CRM/Marketing Automation product that you’re proud of? Awesome! You can connect your product with our online booking system and offer your customers the ability to seamlessly manage their bookings and run their marketing campaigns from a single platform!
  • Provide business consulting to tourism companies? Well, now you can provide them world-class technology solutions too!
  • Our flexible system architecture will allow your clients to easily integrate their existing technology with our platform to protect their investments and data.
  • Moreover, you can own the support process and provide post-sales training and service to your clients at your own prices and make more money

All Round Business Success

  • Higher Margins and Revenue
  • Wider Product Portfolio
  • Minimal Investment
  • Increased Scalability and Growth
  • Increased Brand Value

ROI our partners have experienced

  • 5x Sales Conversions
  • 3x Revenue Growth
  • 2x Client Retention

What we expect from our partners

Our Partners serve as TravelCarma’s representatives in specific geographic areas. Their employees engage customers and close sales, assuming responsibility for all client care, contracting, pricing and billing.

  • Lead Generation & Brand Awareness

    Promote the TravelCarma brand in specific regions and generate quality leads through your own marketing
  • Convert Leads into Customers

    Own the sales process – schedule calls/meetings, show product demos, send proposals & contracts, process billing etc
  • Provide Local Support

    Handhold clients through training, implementation and after sales services & support, including providing of your own value added services

What we look for in our partners

  • An established business setup with a strong client base(sorry, we don’t work with startups)
  • Knowledge of how the travel industry works
  • Prior experience in working with clients from the travel industry
  • A passion for travel technology
  • The ability to understand customer needs and how to profitably service them
  • Willingness to work hard and constantly follow up with leads
  • Strong sales and marketing skills with the ability to independently generate leads & close deals
If you're interested in joining our partner program, please write to us on or fill out the form below.

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