Introduction to Travel Technology

Travel Technology

The tourism industry has undergone a tremendous digital transformation over the last few years, allowing both travel providers and end customers to simplify the process of travel planning and booking, and to streamline operations. This has been possible through the power of Travel Technology.

Travel Technology is now an integral part of the travel industry and companies are collectively spending billions of dollars every year on travel technology solutions to capture the rapidly growing online travel market, which was expected to cross $800 billion in 2020.

Travel Technology forms the backbone of some of the largest travel companies in the world today, including Expedia Group, Booking Holdings, CWT, American Express Travel, Flight Centre Travel Group etc. Travel Technology has enabled startups like Uber, Airbnb, Klook and Getyourguide to disrupt the industry and revolutionize the way travel is booked and experienced.

It’s no wonder that travel firms of all shapes and sizes are realizing the value of travel technology - be it a brick-and-mortar travel agency or a global OTA, a small tours and activities provider or a large DMC, a mid-sized B2B agency or a large wholesaler.

Applications of Travel Technology

Travel Technology Application

Travel Technology has applications in a wide range of areas, including online travel booking, wholesale distribution, contracted inventory and channel management, airline reservations and global distribution systems(GDS), customer management and loyalty systems, tour operations, itinerary management and trip planning, corporate booking, expense management, big data and predictive analytics, internet of things (IoT), business intelligence, hospitality property management and central reservation systems, marketing automation, applications data integration to name a few.

TravelCarma has deep knowledge and expertise in all the areas of Travel Technology mentioned above, working with several players within the global travel industry value chain. TravelCarma provides not only cutting-edge travel technology software solutions for travel suppliers and intermediaries, it also delivers travel technology consulting based on a detailed analysis of the clients’ business. We help travel and hospitality companies plan their online travel distribution and marketing strategies and leverage our travel technology expertise to drive positive results and stay ahead of the curve.

Best Travel Technology Solutions on the Market

TravelCarma provides world-class travel technology solutions for both web and mobile platforms. Our travel technology solutions have been evolved and refined over many years to serve the IT needs of B2B Travel Agencies, OTAs, Tour Operators & DMCs, Wholesalers, Consolidators and Travel Management Companies(TMCs). Leveraging our 15+ years of experience in software development and our domain expertise in the Travel Industry, we offer both off-the-shelf as well as customizable travel technology solutions.

Thanks to our proprietary microservices-based architecture, our travel technology platform is compatible with all kinds of technologies including ASP.NET, Java, PHP, React etc. Our online booking platform integrates seamlessly with all third-party systems via microservices, allowing clients to leverage latest travel technologies while preserving (and modernizing) their existing IT investments.

Looking at the modern travel technology trends, we have upgraded our web and mobile booking applications to React, allowing our clients to experience unmatched speed and performance while taking full advantage of the benefits of our extensive feature set.

Travel ERP

TravelCarma Enterprise is an end-to-end Online Travel Reservation and Back-office Management Solution with all the features available in a large OTA. The entire solution can be deployed on your server under a single license. TravelCarma Enterprise is flexible and can be customized as per your needs. It is designed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is completely modular in nature making it truly scalable and can also easily be integrated with the clients existing IT solutions as and when needed.

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Corporate Self Booking Tool

TravelCarma's corporate solution allows TMCs to provide their customers with an online self booking tool for their travel needs. It is an end-to-end solution covering all the stages of corporate bookings, right from the employee making a request for travel and getting it authorized by the Travel Desk to the actual booking and managing of itineraries.

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Travel Aggregation

TravelCarma TDX is a cloud-based integration and aggregation platform that allows travel organizations to integrate multiple supplier APIs and consume the same through a unified API. With TDX, you can easily aggregate and distribute live content from ‘n’ number of suppliers using a single API, allowing you to save a phenomenal amount of time and money.

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E-IMDP(Inventory Distribution Solution)

TravelCarma E-IMDP is an Enterprise Inventory Distribution platform that provides Tour Operators, DMCs and Travel Trade Associations the ability to manage and distribute contracted inventories across multiple online channels.

At its heart is a powerful Channel Management and Distribution engine that allows the aggregation of all the content from different suppliers of individual travel products such as hotels, sightseeing and ground transportation that can be consumed by OTAs via a unified API.

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Hajj and Umrah Booking Solution

TravelCarma Hajj & Umrah Booking Solution (HUBS) is among the world’s first solutions to provide real-time connectivity with the Maqam GDS (Also built by TravelCarma), allowing External Agencies, Umrah Operators and Mutamers to book packages as well as individual flights, hotels and ground services via authorized OTAs.

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Symbion (Host Agency Solution)

This is a first-of-its kind solution designed especially for host agencies, helping them tap into their agent network to drive higher revenue, enhance agent loyalty and streamline their operations through the use of cutting-edge travel technology systems.

For Host Agencies working with thousands of sub-agents/affiliates spread across a region, managing their inventory distribution across such a large network and optimizing revenue from affiliates poses a huge challenge

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Our Strengths

We understand our customers, their needs and our solutions are designed based on our experience and research on what they need to compete, grow and stay ahead of the pack in the industry.

Here are some of our core strengths that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Functional Strengths

    Available on all mobile platforms, B2C2B feature, book and pay later on B2C, acceptance of all payment modes including cash, Google maps based unique search facility, multi-product shopping cart, social group planning tools etc are some of the unique functionalities built into our solutions

  • Superior Technology

    Scalable services based architecture, highly modular, plug and play platform, Hybrid Saas platform, Service/API access to functionality, business rules and the UX, large scale multi product aggregation, inbuilt multi-lingual and multi currency functions, deep social media integrations(FB and Twitter), tight binding with Google maps API, one click cross sell, marketplace features etc. are just some of our technology innovations

  • Strong B2B2C Modules

    TravelCarma allows large agents to provide their downline with fully-fledged online portals with their own branding. They can also provide them access to CRS for storing their own contracted inventory and reselling the same on the network for a profit, ensuring brand loyalty and incentivizing them to increase bookings through the system

  • Supplier Relationships

    With connections to more than 80+ suppliers we bring an extensive experience in managing, aggregating and displaying content. Relationship with the suppliers has given us brand recognition and helped acquiring customers

  • Brand Recognition

    With more than 200 portals, happy clients in over 60 countries, integrations with 80+ suppliers, industry first solutions and various awards from leading industry authorities, TravelCarma is a reputed brand in the travel technology market

  • Productivity Suite

    Quotation management, price checking, reusable quotes and itineraries , complete back-office and mid-office management, integrations hooks for third party solutions like CRM, accounting etc are some of the features which increase productivity by at least 300%

Technology USPs

  • Multi-level Aggregation and Distribution for different travel products; more than 80 suppliers on the same system that can handle 3000 requests simultaneously on a single server. We have been recognized as a Top Innovator from Nasscom for the same
  • Product ID based access to the travel product allows for one click access to buying from third party sites
  • Web Service API-based access to the complete platform and engine - A Unique one of its kind technology which allows development of UI in any domain and on any platform. TravelCarma allows for centralized management of rules, labels, messages and data. It also supports custom UI development. Even our UI modules are built using these services which are ideal for tech companies and large travel corporations
  • Our Services architecture allows the engine and different modules to be plugged into existing technology infrastructure of a travel company thus protecting their investments
  • All UI modules are fully integrated with Social Media, especially Facebook and Twitter and single click redirection to payments
SaaS Model

Client Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how TravelCarma has helped its clients achieve their business goals


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