Development APIs

Develop your own travel applications in days, not months

  • Looking to launch your own travel applications with fully customized front ends?
  • Worried that building such a solution in-house will cost a huge amount of money and take several months to develop?
  • What if you could access ready-to-use travel components and have your developers focus only on the UI/UX?

Introducing TravelCarma Development APIs

Development API

Our Application Development APIs allow travel organizations with in-house tech teams to launch their own travel applications in far less time and cost than it would take if they developed the entire system from scratch.

We provide ready-to-deploy APIs for various functionalities like agency management, booking management, customer management, pricing rules, aggregation etc. Think of our Development APIs as building blocks - Your developers can simply integrate them and build business UIs on top of these components. This way you control the look-and-feel of your travel applications but save months on building the back end components.

Our APIs are platform agnostic, providing you the flexibility to use them for a wide range of platforms including ASP.NET, PHP, Android, iOS etc. So using our APIs you can build a custom UI for web and another one for mobile, with the same functionalities in a matter of days.

Key Benefits

  • Shorter development time as the same API schema can be utilized for all products
  • Faster time-to-market as only front ends have to be developed
  • Flexibility to design the UX as per your specifications and needs
  • Our API provides flags for all screens so your developers won’t have to write them
  • Easier to expand your offerings and scale your business
  • Leverage our expertise in travel technology


API OTA Portal

Ready-to-deploy APIs

User Management API
  • Manage customer/user details
  • Support for social media authentication/registration
  • Support for OTP based registration via SMS when signing up with phone number with preferred gateways
B2B Customer Management API
  • Provides a list of registered customers for agent
  • Allows user to create customer
  • Provides customer class
  • Allows user to update customer details
Search API
  • Retrieve the list of available inventory for the search criteria
  • By passing the details of travelers and dates users can get the list of available flights, hotels and activities for the specified criteria
Fare Breakup API
  • Different layouts of fare breakups with formatted currencies and currency symbols
  • Available for various screens like details, policies, cart fare breakups, pre booking fare breakups, post booking fare breakups, cancellation/modification fare breakups etc.
  • UI developers don’t have to make calculations and currency formatting
  • Provides all the functionalities of our Content Management System
  • Includes a wide variety of modules like hot deals, static packages, popular destinations, travel guide, newsletter subscription, FAQ, inquiry module
Traveler Management API
  • This API provides a list of co-travelers added by the user
  • Includes parameters like name, location, contact details, nationality, passport details etc
Booking Management API
  • Provides a list of bookings made by the user
  • Includes details like booking ID, itinerary no, date, status, modification, cancellation etc
Unified Cart API
  • Creation of multiple cart instances, where each cart can have different items from different business
  • Selectable user inputs like baggage selection, meal preferences, special promotions, changeable amenities
  • Text based user inputs like additional questions from suppliers, promo codes, additional dynamic input fields
  • List of add-ons available and applied
B2B Ledger API
  • Provides details about the ledger balance of b2b agents
  • Includes parameters like transaction date, transaction type, booking ID, debit/credit amount, opening balance, closing balance etc
Payment Gateway API
  • Integration with various payment gateways which can be configured from back office and supported through API in redirection manner, where for API based payment gateways API Payment gateway page will ask for payment information and redirection will be performed to redirect payment gateways
  • For payment gateways integrated via payment gateway’s SDKs, the API also provides configuration and authentication parameters for those SDKs and their integration during the payment process flow

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