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TravelCarma Emperia is an enterprise-grade Travel ERP solution with a wide range of functionalities to help travel brands automate their booking process, efficiently manage their back office and inventory and optimize overall business performance.

It is completely modular in nature making it truly scalable and can also easily be integrated with your existing IT solutions as and when needed.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Modular and Scalable
  • Annual Subscription/License fee
  • Cloud-Hosted or On-premise Deployment

B2C/B2B Booking Engine

Travel ERP - B2C/B2B Booking Engines

TravelCarma offers a complete XML web services based booking engine for Flights, Hotels, Vehicles and Excursions. It is easy to use, highly scalable and flexible. It can be easily integrated with the website/CMS. It can be integrated with multiple inventory systems through our middleware server DXchange.

It can also access inventory of other vendors along with your own inventory and show aggregated results. It allows multiple currencies and enables users to select and pay in their currency. Rules can be applied on the fly so as to be able to offer variable pricing and incentives to the customers. It allows doing availability search, aggregation and booking of travel products offered by the providers.

  • Web based booking engine running off XML
  • All elements and pages are customizable to the needs of the customer
  • White label sites available
  • Auto cancellation of unconfirmed bookings before cancellation period starts
  • Co-branding of downline agents on Vouchers and Confirmation emails
  • Provision for display in multiple currencies with base currency
  • Allows all currency changes
  • Easy Integration with your existing website
  • Can access inventory of other vendors along with own inventory and show aggregated results. This is in case the vendors have their own system
  • Allows rules on the fly so as be able to offer variable pricing and incentives to the customer
  • Customer registration and management system. Allows capture of customer information which can be used for loyalty programs and incentives
  • Over and above the booking engine solution we can have amenities / facilities / specialty services section in the booking engine. This section would be useful for customers asking for special facilities and services
  • Can add on editable content pages

Inventory Management System with Extranet

Travel ERP - Inventory Management System

TravelCarma offers a complete web-based Central Reservation System (CRS) that allows you to manage all your direct contracts with hotels, car rentals, transfers, excursions and packages within a single interface. The CRS can be seamlessly integrated with any Booking Engines.

TravelCarma Inventory Systems come along with extranets. Using this options, hotels can directly use this system to add and manage their products. The client will be able to centrally manage the content and sell it from the portal. Hotels will have restricted access to that particular business by using the credentials assigned to them. This feature can help you minimize your overheads of managing the content and processing manual confirmation for each booking on your own.

  • Multiple Supplier management
  • Real time availability of all inventories
  • Offline inventory management
  • Pricing control and allows additions of commissions and markups
  • Access to other online inventories, aggregation and versatile reporting
  • Interface to Manage & Control bookings
  • Amenities section which allows for stocking of special amenities at macro and micro levels also taking care of special requests
  • Data security, Confidentiality and Restricted Access for the admin site
  • Dynamic Dashboard displays the business statistics at a glace
  • Suppliers can setup various policies and also customize their webpage
  • Centrally manage content and sell it from the portal
  • Helps clients minimize their overheads of managing the content and processing manual confirmation for each booking on their own
  • This system would allow you to add every hotel with whom you have direct contracts and manage their rates and availabilities
  • Ability to provide separate access for each hotel and let hotels manage their rates and availabilities

Mid-Office System

Travel ERP - Mid Office System

Our mid-office is strongly integrated with the booking engine and completely automates your booking process, right from booking to voucher/e-ticket generation. It allows you to manage all aspects of your online bookings as well as your registered customers. It also includes a call center interface where your employees can make bookings on behalf of your registered customers.

Our Customer Management module allows you to categorize your B2C customers into classes and apply promotional/special rates on different classes. This module is very useful when you want to provide special rates to customers based on their loyalties. You can manually add customers to the portal for future bookings.

  • Centralized Booking Management, including cancellations and modifications
  • Transaction Management
  • Advanced Users and Roles Management
  • Markup and margin setup
  • Configure if an employee can make credit based bookings for customers
  • You can also define branch wise markups and margins
  • Real-time tracking of who made the booking, when and on whose behalf. It also keeps a track of the employee bookings and the limits given to each employee

Back-Office and Agent Management

Travel ERP - Back Office and Agent Management

We provide a powerful back-office system that helps you manage all your business rules, such as markups and margins based on predefined criteria for effective revenue management. It also allows your sub-agents to securely access your live inventories, make reservations and issue confirmations for their customers.

  • Multilevel Agency Setup and Markups
  • Agent wise markup and margins
  • Setup downline agents with secured access for each agent
  • Facility to setup prepaid and postpaid agents separately
  • Agent wise credit management facility
  • Agent wise online recharge facility
  • View and manage bookings made by downline agents
  • Facility to issue vouchers on behalf of downline agents
  • Facility for downline agents to apply real-time markup
  • Advanced reports and analytics on the activities happening through the portal, including bookings, sales, revenues etc
  • Flexibility to develop new reports as required

XML API Integrations

Travel ERP - XML API Integrations

TravelCarma has over 20 years of experience in XML API Integration and provides XML integrations with 'n' number of travel content providers. The platform can be easily integrated with direct airlines, Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Local Distribution Systems (LDS), Hotel XML APIs, Channel Manager Software, travel insurance providers etc.

  • Direct connect with 85+ travel supplier via XML
  • Inventory can be sourced from PMS, CRS, or RMS systems, online distribution systems such as GDS, IDS, OTAs, wholesalers etc
  • A wide choice of offerings that enables booking for hotels, flights, car rentals, tours, buses and more
  • Seamless communication between distributed and heterogeneous applications
  • Platform Agnostic - Connects to diverse platforms and data sources
  • Secured access layer to multiple systems, components and data sources
  • Compatible with Industry standard XML specifications (OTA and TTI)

Quotation Management Module

Travel ERP - Quotation Management Module

Our Quotation Management Module allows your employees to build an itinerary with multiple products, send it to customers via email for their review and book the same quotation in a single transaction with unique booking reference numbers for each product in the quotation.

  • Respond to your reservation inquiries with lowest possible turnaround time and with dynamic product availabilities and pricing
  • Saves up to 2/3rd of time of an agent in creating complex itineraries
  • Uses online inventories
  • Can be booked online with real-time pricing and availability
  • Ability to show or hide price break-up of the quotation items
  • User can save incomplete quotations
  • Set validity for each quotation with auto alerts
  • Quotations could be shared online via email or through physical prints
  • Copy old quotations, customize them and create new ones

Trip Planner Module

Travel ERP - Trip Planner Module
  • Allows your B2C users to create a trip, add multiple products and save it as a trip plan
  • User can share this planner with his friends and family on Facebook or via email
  • All the members with whom the plan is shared can click on a link and will land on the Trip Plan itself. The members will be auto registered as users as well
  • A chat interface is provided for the users to interact with one another
  • User can assign various rights such related to adding a new product or deleting the plan while sharing with his friends and family
  • The same trip could be booked online

Travel Technology Ecosystem

Travel Technology Ecosystem

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