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Custom Travel Technology Solutions

TravelCarma Travel API Management Software

Through our 20+ years of experience of building award-winning travel technology solutions, we have developed a strong understanding of what Travel Companies want with a strong focus on how going online would add value to their current business.

Whether it’s aggregating and distributing content across multiple channels, understanding the online suppliers and their technology, automating reservations and back-office processes or achieving seamless connectivity across devices, platforms and systems, we have helped numerous of tourism companies achieve their business goals through systems tailored to their needs and their business model.

We have spent years developing solutions that would fit the needs of a majority of businesses across the world. But we also appreciate the need for bespoke solutions to suit specific business needs and workflows. Just tell us what you need and we will build it for you.

Services we provide

Custom Applications Development (Web and Mobile)

Solution Architecture

Technology and Travel Industry Consulting

Who uses our custom development services

TMCs and Large Corporations

Corporate customers around the world have individual and often unique policies and authorization workflows, and Travel Management Companies serving these clients require a system that accommodates these workflows.

For TMCs and Corporates, TravelCarma provides a bespoke corporate booking tool that allows corporate clients to configure specific business rules, policies and booking workflows and enable their travel desk to make reservations on behalf of the employees using real-time rates and availability.

We can build the entire system from the ground-up based on client specifications or customize our existing modules to match your requirements. Customers can use our large pool of existing connections with suppliers to integrate their APIs into a fully customized booking engine.

We can also customize our contracted inventory management system (CRS) for managing your negotiated rates.

Large DMCs/Incoming Tour Operators

We can provide a completely custom solution for Tour operators and DMCs looking to transition from offline to online for managing their inventory, reservations and back office.

We already have existing CRS, mid-office, back office and agency modules on our platform for managing tour operations, but if you want to customize them to better fit your specific business needs, we can do so under the custom development model.

Large/Mid-sized Established Travel Agencies looking for Managed Hosting

If you are an established travel agency and want an OTA solution built and managed by us but hosted on your own server, it is possible. We can provide you a team of dedicated professionals who will maintain your system remotely. You look after the customers and the contracting and leave the technology and support services to keep you running 24x7 to us.

Well-funded Travel Startups with Unique Business Models

The TravelCarma solution is designed keeping in mind the Industry standards in terms of functionalities and booking workflow required and followed by existing Travel Agents across the world. The same can be used by travel startups following the standard travel agency model.

However, if you are a funded travel startup with a distinct and disruptive business model, we can build a fully customized solution and turn your dream into a reality.

Why clients choose TravelCarma for their software development needs

  • Domain Expertise

    TravelCarma has strong expertise in the travel domain, having worked with travel and hospitality companies of all types and sizes over a span of over 20 years. We understand the pain points and challenges different travel businesses face (or could potentially face) in different areas of the business, and using our expertise we can offer solutions to meet those challenges.

    Moreover, our exposure to a large number of supplier technologies and their integration makes it possible for the client to connect with any global supplier with confidence. TravelCarma has also been an active partner in OTA alliance and has provided various technological insights and recommendations towards the betterment of Travel Technology.

  • A wide range of pre-built components for faster time-to-market

    Over the years, we have built a large number of proven, ready-to-deploy solutions that fit most business models. This allows you to leverage our existing technology and knowledge of connectors to make customizations or build new solutions on top. This would help you reduce the overall development time and get your products out into the market quicker.

  • Flexibility to scale

    Our solution is scalable, allowing you to upgrade to API services for other businesses such as Transfers, Sightseeing/Day tours, Car Rental suppliers but without any new interface development as our unified API interface is driven completely by the request structure.

  • Dedicated Teams

    With TravelCarma, you don’t have to worry about talent. We would hire, train and manage a dedicated team of professionals on your behalf, thus minimizing your cost and effort of hiring. This team would comprise of individuals with considerable domain expertise and experience in building bespoke solutions specifically for the tourism industry. They will be trained thoroughly on your project and will be managed completely by us across the project lifecycle.

  • We take care of the entire SDLC/Operations so you can focus on your core business

    TravelCarma would manage the entire project from concept to delivery.

  • Large number of pre-integrated connections

    TravelCarma has a wide experience of integration with 85+ global API suppliers, including all major GDSs, Bedbanks and Payment Gateways. All you need is an API contract with the supplier(s) of your choice and we’ll integrate it for you in the shortest time possible. We have strong relationships with suppliers globally, so we can help you if you need assistance in dealing with any of the suppliers, pre or post integration.

  • Strong API Management capabilities and experience

    We have extensive experience in API management and have developed a unique middleware engine that allows large travel businesses to aggregate data from multiple channels into a single API which they use to distribute inventory and content to their sub-agents and channel partners.

    Using our API platform they can also build and launch their own API based mobile apps and sites.

  • Availability of API to build custom modules and apps

    TravelCarma enterprise solution is designed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This makes it modular in nature so it is truly scalable and can easily be modified as per client’s specific requirements.

    We provide development API using which customers can build their own UX while using the complete platform capabilities. This allows our customer to build user facing custom applications (mobile and web) while utilizing all travel functionality or the TravelCarma platform through API.

    We use a simple Rest API that is independent of different business-wise schema and the same API structure could be utilized for all businesses which will minimize your development efforts to a large extent thus reducing time to market. Reducing development time and complexity in itself would cut costs by nearly half, thus providing a great ROI (return on investment). If the customer needs additional or new functionalities the same can be easily accommodated using the UX and data APIs which are optional and add-ons. This allows the client teams to extend the solutions and build our custom modules if needed.

  • Connectivity to third party systems

    • TravelCarma’s travel platform is built on the services architecture. This enables it to easily connect to third party solutions and legacy systems
    • Connections can be made into client's existing accounting, customer and CRM systems etc thus preserving the client's investments into such solutions
    • It also allows for connections to third party systems like government systems in this case, SAP for accounting, HRG for corporate information and even policies etc.
  • Distribute content and inventory through API (channel distribution)

    • This would enable the client to provide their contracted and negotiated content to third parties through API (optional add-ons) thus increasing their distribution
    • Allows the client to manage multiple sales channels

Case Studies

We have delivered a large number of services projects over the last 20 years, for a wide range of travel and hospitality companies, including OTAs, DMCs, Large Travel Associations, TMCs and Rental Car Aggregators. Here are some case studies showing how we helped these companies achieve their goals:

  • A Large Tour Operator in Australia
  • A Large Hotel Consolidator in India
  • A Large DMC in Aruba
  • A Large Car Rental Aggregator in Australia


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