API Content Distribution and Management Platform

TravelCarma Travel API Management Software

TravelCarma’s API module allows you to aggregate your direct contracts and inventory from multiple third party suppliers into a single API which you can use to distribute to your downline agents and affiliates. The same could also be used by your IBE on the web and the mobile. This is extremely useful if you are getting inventory from a number of third party suppliers and you also have direct contracts. You want to take this all together, aggregate it and show it on your B2B/B2C platforms or sell it to your agents(customers) via an API. Our API management platform allows you to integrate your contracted inventory stored in our CRS (hotel, vehicle, transfers, activities, packages) and integrate the same with inventory from third-party suppliers through their API and aggregate all the content into a single API which you can expose to your distributors/downline agents etc. or use yourself.

Our platform also empowers in-house IT teams or outsourcing companies wherein the most complex portion of the technology components like the agency/distribution management, transactions, pricing content filtering rules and data transformation and aggregation - is handled by us and the front ends mobile and webapps are developed by thein-house IT teams. We bring in the travel technology and distribution expertise and understanding of the suppliers and their technology and the UX is designed as to the specification and needs of the end user. It not only reduces time to market, but saves customers from making the mistakes usually made by the first time travel software developers.

The TravelCarma API Platform consists of an aggregation module, a distribution module and an admin system which allows you to setup agents and helps to control who gets what, when and at what price. It has an inbuilt third party API connection and content aggregation module along with a rules engine for markups/pricing and filtering of content which communicates via webservices. On the input side it connects with various online suppliers (air/hotel/activity/transfer etc) and the TravelCarma hotel/activity/transfer/vehicle/bus CRS. All this makes it an ideal solution for distribution of content to downline agencies via API or white labels and also for consumption of own user facing internet and mobile booking engines.

It’s the ideal solution for Wholesalers, OTAs and Travel Companies managing a large B2B business, allowing them to become global travel suppliers. The advantage here is that not only does the engine aggregate hotel content, it aggregates content for all travel products and allows downline users to consume the same via API, thus making it a very powerful distribution channel for large travel business with numerous contracts in air, hotels etc. It does not restrict your downline to using white labels - they can use APIs and operate as fully-fledged online travel businesses. It’s a powerful solution that allows wholesalers to target large OTAs and Corporates as customers.

Benefits of TravelCarma's API Management Platform:
  • Aggregate content from multiple travel suppliers
  • Launch your own API based product(s)
  • Distribute your travel products to your downline agents and partners
  • Build your own mobile-responsive websites and apps on top of our platform
  • Exchange data to and from third-party systems